Erin + Garrett Wedding

Congratulations to Erin & Garrett! I had the pleasure of photographing Erin & Garrett's special day this past weekend at the Bel-Wood Country Club. The weather was a little muggy, but the cloudy skies meant we were able to get some beautiful softly lit portraits. Here are some quick images that called out to me right away when I began editing...We are right in[...]

Lunch at the Links

Last Saturday I photographed Lunch at the Links, a fundraiser event at the Heritage Club in Mason, OH. Lunch at the Links is a benefit luncheon and silent auction to further asthma research at Cincinnati Children's Hospital, and has previously contributed up to $90,000 to the hospital from each single event. The event was classy and the decor was fantastic.Women of th[...]

Bob's 50th Wedding Anniversary

Last week I shot an event on a very special day - Bob & Dolores' 50th wedding anniversary (married 1962) AND their parents Cyril & Romilda's 70th wedding anniversary (married 1942) here in Dayton, Ohio. Bob is actually my barber - he gives great haircuts - and when he asked me to record this special day I jumped at it. The day started with family portraits at [...]

Baby Logan

A couple weeks ago I had the pleasure of documenting young Logan's 14th day out of the womb. While newborn shoots are challenging, they are also fun - I never know what I'm going to get because each one behaves so differently. The challenge is building the shoot around their swings in mood and consciousness to capture something truly miraculous. I do these shoots in t[...]

Serendipitous Flash

Sometimes unexpected things occur when I trigger the shutter on my camera. In this photo, the flash from a guest's camera activated at the exact same time of my exposure, resulting in the pleasing high key. I may attempt to recreate this effect purposely during future receptions as it casts the image as a high-end fine art piece with an interesting look.  

Laura + Matt Wedding

I had the pleasure of shooting Laura & Matt's wedding in Dayton, OH this past weekend. We had a great time, and a quick ceremony meant more time for shooting portraits at Benham's Grove. The change in the quality of light when moving from inside a church to outdoors beneath an overcast sky is remarkable. The clouds function as a giant softbox, creating a light tha[...]

Callen + Cam Wedding

Cam has been a good friend of mine for several years, and I was thrilled to get that call that he wanted me to photograph his wedding at the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, Colorado. The Academy chapel has really dramatic architecture, and the red rocks of Garden of the Gods make for some very striking portraits.