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Bob's 50th Wedding Anniversary

Last week I shot an event on a very special day - Bob & Dolores' 50th wedding anniversary (married 1962) AND their parents Cyril & Romilda's 70th wedding anniversary (married 1942) here in Dayton, Ohio. Bob is actually my barber - he gives great haircuts - and when he asked me to record this special day I jumped at it. The day started with family portraits at [...]

Serendipitous Flash

Sometimes unexpected things occur when I trigger the shutter on my camera. In this photo, the flash from a guest's camera activated at the exact same time of my exposure, resulting in the pleasing high key. I may attempt to recreate this effect purposely during future receptions as it casts the image as a high-end fine art piece with an interesting look.  

Laura + Matt Wedding

I had the pleasure of shooting Laura & Matt's wedding in Dayton, OH this past weekend. We had a great time, and a quick ceremony meant more time for shooting portraits at Benham's Grove. The change in the quality of light when moving from inside a church to outdoors beneath an overcast sky is remarkable. The clouds function as a giant softbox, creating a light tha[...]